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Lisa Snowdon, Spa Fabulous and being late…

Neena Trehan and Lisa Snowdon - celebrating without me.

I am a huge fan of facialist Neena Trehan (above, left) and her amazing Spa Fabulous organic skin care range, and I happen to know that the very lovely Lisa Snowdon is also a regular customer.

So imagine my glee when Neena invited me to the launch party for her new Calming Coconut & Aloe Facial treatment at her bijou organic sanctuary.  The lovely Ms Snowdon was also on the guest list and I instantly had a vision of us enthusing about skin care over healthy but delicious fruit cocktails, surrounded by fragrant candles and press photographers. Why, by the end of the evening I’d probably be on her Christmas card list.

Working on the theory that Lisa is famous and therefore bound to be late I figured that I had loads of time to prepare myself to be photographed mingling with one of the nation’s most beautiful women.

So I washed my hair, applied liberal amounts of fake tan and did my make up. Having decided that my make up was trying a bit too hard (too bronzed) I reapplied it (more natural radiance), put on my fave DvF dress (from a second hand shop – note to self, don’t mention that to Lisa) and packed my camera into a suitable on-trend and photogenic handbag.

Remembering my theory about celebrity timekeeping, I then made myself a quick cup of tea, fed the cat, checked my emails, texted my friend (bound to be interested in my new celebrity pal), changed my shoes for a better pair (as you do), and set off.

I arrived at the spa fashionably (or so I thought) late to see a chauffeur opening the doors of a limo right outside. I’d timed it perfectly!

I parked round the back, reapplied my lip gloss and walked to the door. There I was greeted by PR Anisa who handed me a drink, smiled in a ‘softening the blow’ sort of way and said “Lisa just left – never mind!”

The picture above shows Neena and the very professional and punctual Lisa Snowdon managing to celebrate without me.

Neena Trehan’s Spa Fabulous treatments are available at the Kite Clinic in Bond Street or at Spa Fabulous in Surbiton.