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The Cycle Show 2015

There were some rather beautiful bicycles and accessories at the NEC 2015 Cycle Show – here’s a few favourites.

High shine and a limited edition from Colnago

High shine and a limited edition from Colnago


This bike by Colnago is a limited edition reproduction of a 1984 30 year anniversary model. That’s all I know, other than the fact that it is also rather lovely.

Award winning MET Parachute HES

Award winning MET Parachute HES

MET Parachute HES

An award winning design, this is the lightest full face helmet in the world and is ideal for Enduro riders and those who like to ride on the edge. It is strong, lightweight, highly ventilated. And pink.

Women's cycling by Velovixen

Women’s cycling by Velovixen


A great range for women cyclists – highlights include Urbanist padded knickers in a new range of designs, this cute Bobbin leather saddlebag, Morvelo’s colourful road kit and this mountain bike t-shirt, which speaks for itself.

Dirt jumping display

Dirt jumping display

Dirt jumping

Great to see some bikes in action. Rather them than me though.




Top Tips for a mountain bike newbie


Mountain biking on the Barry Knows Best trail in Surrey women's cycling

Riding Barry Knows Best and trying to avoid running over the photographer.

New to mountain biking? Find out what to wear, who to ride with, how to have fun and how to get home in one (happy) piece! (plus loads of other handy tips!!)

Below is a link to my latest post on this very subject, for female specific cycle clothing retailer Velovixen. Enjoy!!

Top Tips for a Mountain Bike Newbie. 

Six reasons why outdoor exercise is best! (for Velovixen)

Mountain biking at Old Harrys Rock in Dorset.

Mountain biking at Old Harrys Rock in Dorset last summer.

I am really happy to report that, as well as writing here, I have been invited to contribute to the Velovixen blog each month. Velovixen is a UK-based women’s cycling site. Founded by Liz and Phil Bingham a couple of years ago, the site champions women’s cycling as well as selling some great kit. I am really looking forward to working with them.

Here is a link to the first post I have written for Velovixen, on a subject which is very dear to my heart – outdoor exercise! Enjoy, and don’t forget to add your own reasons for working out outdoors (I am sure there are more than six!).

Review: Urbanist Bettie cycling pants

Why best selling Betties are putting the sexy back into cycling pants.

Urbanist Betties. Sadly, this is not my bum.

Urbanist Betties. Sadly, this is not my bum.

(This post originally appeared on Total Women’s Cycling but is now updated here).

What’s a girl to wear ‘down there’ cycling? Lets face it, ordinary pants soon wipe the smile off your face, especially as it’s impossible to adjust wayward elastic at a red light when surrounded by commuters. And no one wants to ride with bulky cycling shorts beneath their J-Brands or Whistles work skirt.

Delve deeper into this dilemma and imagine you have secured yourself a cycling date with the man of your dreams.  A couple of circuits of the park and a few beers later, then its back to yours and the realisation that it’s impossible to remove a pair of cycling shorts in a seductive fashion (this applies to both genders, by the way), especially when they leave a non-too fetching imprint of a gripper band on your thighs.

And then there’s your birthday: your other half secretly wants to surprise you with something a little bit ‘va-va voom’ – but needs the comfort man-blanket of knowing that he’s also getting you something practical for the bike. Surely there is an alternative to receiving a fluffy red g-string and a bottle of Muc Off?

Or what if you just like wearing nice pants and riding your bike? Or want something discreet but effective to wear beneath workout gear for your spin class?

Hurrah! Here comes Bettie to solve every one of these pressing women’s cycling issues!

Created in Texas, Bettie is, basically, a really nice pair of pants with a slim (think panty liner) cycling chamois inside. The pad is flexible, breathable, quick drying and moisture wicking. It’s also invisible beneath clothes. And, while I wouldn’t recommend these pants for a day on your road bike, they are brilliant for any other type of riding: I’ve worn mine for mountain biking many times. Hey, I’ve even got QOMs in them (though frankly my legs are taking ALL the credit for those). The pants also feature extra stretch round the leg openings to avoid chaffing. They are easy to wash and quick to dry (much quicker than conventional cycling shorts!)

They are also quite beautifully to behold: silky fabric with mesh side panels and a ruched detail mid-back gives them a lingerie look and feel. There are ‘sister pants’ too: The Brigitte is a hooped black and white design with a bit more of a vintage look.

At £42 Bettie is, price wise, a world away from an M&S pack of five. However wear them as an alternative to cycling shorts and they start to look like a bit more of a bargain: so much so that I’m reliably informed that they are now a best seller at Velovixen.

In short, if you’re a lingerie lover and a cyclist, then they’re a bit of a must have. Buy them here:

* Further update, prompted by a friend who failed to realise that you need to wear shorts over the top of your Betties …. You need to wear shorts over the top, you really do.