5 amazing images: women’s cycling & the National Hill Climb Champs 2016

I’m always on the look out for ‘good news’ stories that promote the joy of women’s cycling – and these amazing images fit the bill perfectly. They were shot by photographer Dan Monaghan and capture the agony and ecstasy of The National Hill Climb Championships, which took place last weekend, in a stunning photo-essay.

National HC 2016 women cadenceimages.com

Fiona-May Aylward photo: Dan Monaghan

The event was held at the appropriately named Bank Road in Matlock – an 834m slog with a maximum gradient of 20%, and an average of 14%.

National HC 2016 women cadenceimages.com

Holly Carter (and her mum!) photo: Dan Monaghan

I love the timeless quality of each image (and by the way, riders choose not to wear helmets in order to save weight).

National HC 2016 women cadenceimages.com

Holly Flannery photo: Dan Monaghan

I also love the total commitment on the face of each rider, capturing their absolute effort as well as the total exhaustion that these incredible athletes experience as they push themselves to the limit.

National HC 2016 women cadenceimages.com

Nicola Soden photo: Dan Monaghan

These women are a wonderful reminder that this is how we are when they ride a bike and give it our absolute all: 100% awesome.

National HC 2016 women cadenceimages.com

Yasmin Marks photo: Dan Monaghan

Thanks to Dan for allowing me to share these images – and I recommend you take a look at the rest of the images from the event,  including the male riders, at Cadenceimages.com – there is some serious self-inflicted suffering going on!!

P.S. Initially I was unable to find out who these riders are – thanks to everyone who helped out with comments here or on Twitter so I could amend the captions!!


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